Tuesday, June 23

the simple life.

i love the simple things.
laying on soft blankets in afternoon light.

fresh market food.
vanilla chai tea on a cold rainy day.
that heavy vibration that rumbles inside you at loud gigs.
new stationary supplies.
trips to mum's mountain home.
crunching leaves.
winning at super mario etc. etc.

i like to think i don't demand too much from life.

but lately there are two things on my mind, simple things.

things i feel will greatly improve my quality of life if they were in my possession.

one day they will be mine, one day!


Katy said...

that dog is adorable :-0 and that credenzer (is that the right word)? Love your blog, you are going to be in Follow My Followers today (maybe tomorrow) Welcome to Blog Land...!!

SirNedrich said...

OMGZORS - I want a puppy like that too!

Can you have dogs at your new haus?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure those simple things you listed actually made me relax a little and not feel so stressed! hm... maybe I should make a list of my own. also, omg new stationary and baby beagles <3<3