Monday, June 22

hi my name is amy.

first things first, i hate capital letters.
i'm glad we had this discussion.

i love blogs.
i love finding them, i love bookmarking them, i love stalking them.
i love saving a million cool images i find in a folder called 'love' on my desktop that i will probably never look at again.
just in case i do, they are there waiting.
this is me finally getting my act together and starting my own blog.
go me.

my posts will more than likely revolve around the following things;
  • design
  • craft
  • cooking
  • places i've been
  • things i've seen
  • things i want you to know
i love lists.

i love a lot of things and i hate a lot of things.
such strong words, but so fitting.
it really is one way or the other.

i don't like writing in big paragraphs, but lot's of little sentences instead.
this reflects the way i think, i think.

so, until i have something interesting to share, here's an owl on grid paper i drew.

p.s i promise the next post will blog worthy.


Aritum Bonitae said...

Oh... que bonito dubujo :)

edward and lilly said...

So glad you started a blog!!! Will be checking in here, sounds like it will be ace :p

Danielle said...

Hooray - cute blog name!

angela said...

Uh oh, I think used all caps in one of the comments I left earlier. Eeek!

I love your owl drawing, so (nearly went for the cap lock) **cute**


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