Thursday, June 25

stay home.

the goodness that is design*sponge just introduced me to most adorable little felt people i have ever seen.
meet olivia from stay home.
she has the skills.
i followed the link straight to her etsy store only to find it felt-people-less :(
it seems people agree with me and have bought all the little dears for themselves.
not to worry, the pictures on olivia's blog cheered me up tremendously.
i am so inspired to make something out of felt!


Being for the Benefit of Katie Day said...

Amy, you are blogging like crazy! It has taken me over an hour to try to get my latest blog entry all formatted how I want it... I wish I was at work on my lovely Mac instead of at home on my dreaded PC.

Anyway just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to start blogging more avidly... so check out my latest :)

edward and lilly said...


So getting lost in the depths of your blog now...

loving it!