Thursday, June 25

this weekend.

time has been flying by at a tremendous speed lately.
i can't believe tomorrow is friday again!
i love fridays.
fridays mean avoiding work at all costs, long lunches at the pub and early breaks if i'm good :)
this weekend is going to be a treat.
thanks to the heads up from danielle over at craft laboratory, tomorrow night i am going to the little market, at the avid reader bookshop. tells me;
"The Little Market at Avid is a monthly gathering of artists and crafters, coming together to create a new space to bring their handmade works to the local community.

Each month sees up to twelve craft artists set up stalls out the back of the Avid Reader Bookstore in West End, providing an opportunity for the broader community to purchase locally made handcrafted goods, be inspired to celebrate their own creativity, support the development of more community endeavors and be part of the craft revolution!, all while enjoying the company of friends, some half decent wine and often local music.

The Little Market has been going since late 2006, and takes place on the last Friday of the month."

saturday morning i will be rummaging around for a bargain the the jungle jumble garage sale in paddington!
it is said there will be great treasures to unlock, and also, going to this gives me an excuse to do all the paddington op shops :)

other goals for the weekend include sleeping in, going to my dads house warming party, stopping in at my new faaaaaaaaavourite homewares store kim and judi at coorparoo and most importantly, photographing the zillion awesome things i have bought lately.
i just got home from late night shopping... i went for groceries... i came home with a (beautiful!!!) set of maxwell williams canisters, hair dye and a silver chain... and no groceries... how does this happen every time?

anyway, enough mindless ramble from me, it's bed time!
what are you doing this weekend?
anything else exciting happening in brisvegas that might enhance the quality of life??
i do hope so.

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Jetta's Nest said...

Oh Amy, to be young, footloose and fancy-free again. Your weekend plans are making me jealous!

Do enjoy and I hope you find loads of fabulous things!!