Monday, August 31

the weekend that was.

my weekend was fun.
saturday i finally visited nook and it was amazing!
it was as if i'd stocked it, everything in there was perfect and lovely and i needed it.
went out for dinner for my friend mark's birthday which was really good.
seeing all my friends in one spot was a rare treat!
sunday our new pool table got delivered which was exciting and i spent the whoooooooole day in the garden.
thirty minute bunnings break at lunch time and back into it til dinner.
every bone in my body is aching, i am sunburnt and covered in splinters but the garden looks amazing.
i have never gardened in my life (or had a garden to) but yesterday i trimmed hedges, completely replanted my herb tub, cleared out and replanted the veggie patch and set up all our pretty new garden lights :)
so rewarding.
i even had time to catch up on some reading last night (omg crazy!)

here's what i'm reading and also, my nook goodies.