Monday, August 3

the week that disappeared.

it's been four days since i last blogged, but it feels like a life time.
i'm having a sick day today, moping around the house feeling sorry for myself.
i'm not sick so much as severely sleep deprived.
mum is still on the look out for weekend wait staff at the cafe so in the meanwhile i have been working five day weeks at work then straight up to the cafe friday afternoons and working there til sunday nights.
i am 
so, now that you know why i've been slack lately i can get on with it :)

i have been extremely lazy when it comes to getting mum's 
website up, but it's such a big job!
well, i'm going to go hard from now on so i spent the weekend photographing the cafe/meals/beautiful gardens for the soon-to-be gallery page on the site.
turns out it's pretty stressful taking pics without proper lighting in a busy cafe with customers wanting their meals!
so, please forgive me, i am no professional photographer!

i found a tiny tiny green tree frog asleep amongst some flower petals.

i love crunching leaves!

so what do you think?
would you visit cafe ella?


Jetta's Nest said...

Looks fantastic, Amy. I would definately visit.

Hope you're catching up on your sleep!!


REread said...

looks pretty sweet ... food looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

omg yummmm! wish I could go there right now!!

frog_on_a_log said...

heck yes!
i am no professional art critic, but your photos look great!

p.s. you're mum is the true master chef. i love how everything (bar dessert) has alfalfa sprouts. reminds me of that 'old man's beard' stuff that drapes from tree. :)