Wednesday, September 2

my birthday.

it was my birthday yesterday so i got to stay home and play.
i planted some basil, bought a new outdoor setting and baked pumpkin, feta and spinach cannelloni for my family dinner :)
much strawberry champagne and chocolate raspberry swirl cake later, the kitchen was a mess and i gladly fell into bed.
such a nice night!
oh and amoung all the lovely gifts i got, my mum gave me two beautiful magnolia plants!
so spoilt.
finally took a few pics of my tidy new gardens.

dill, thyme, sage, parsley, mint, chives, basil, corriander, oregano and lemon thyme.

the basil is settling in nicely.

neat and tidy yard! (note the five full garden bags up the back, soooo much effort).

our proud grapefruit tree.

freshly cleaned out veggie patch, waiting for new plants (note the giant rosemary bush, awesome).

so far we have celery, purple and green lettuce and strawberries.

lemon tree.


last night, my new outdoor setting :)

a dodgy night shot of my lovely candle lit lantern in the jacaranda.

the amazing double decker cake made lovingly for me by my wonderful sister!

a nice shot of my brother and niece.


Jetta's Nest said...

Oooh, happy birthday Virgo girl!! It was my birthday last Thursday :)

Good times to you!!


Kylie said...

Happy birthday Amy! Looks like you had a fab night :)
Gorgeous pics of the garden too. K x

Martta said...

happy birthday amy! i must say you have a lovely garden! so green with envy.