Friday, August 21

brisbane dwellers.

there are cool things happening in brisbane.
this weekend i am going to see my friend corey perform at moxy at the judith wright centre (which is an AWESOME venue).
he, along with other very talented people will be supporting the burn writers collective and reading some poetry which should be coolness.
the last time i saw burn was at talk to you never and that was an awesome night.

no idea how this slipped under the radar but i found it this morning!

this exhibition looks awesome!
i knew there was a reason i kept this saturday night free :)
it's showcasing works from very cool artists such as dylan martorell.

sophie kern.

and my favouritest favourites in the world, greedy hen.

i've had enough moving house to last a lifetime, it's time to have some fun :)

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Kylie said...

Wow - this exhibition does look amazing! wish I had a moments-notice baby-sitter! ;) Have a fabulous time Amy - let us know how it goes? K