Thursday, August 6

goodbye spare time.

we get the keys for our new house today.
it's been a 97 day count down.
i am beyond excited.
started packing last night... it was... mildly productive.
i do it every time and every time i say i won't.
i spend more time looking through everything i'm packing then actually packing it.
does anyone do this?
tell me i'm not the only one!
so, three hours later, i'd packed one cupboard and two tiny bedside tables.
but, i had also read every childhood art diary, secret letter, school year book, notes to self and looked at every picture i have in my posession.
i get so wrapped up in nostalgia i forget that i actually have to get stuff done.

so when i'm not working, or waitressing for mum, or working on freelance design work, i'm packing.
august is going to be intense.

anyway, i've decided this is how my new house should look.
i have plenty of green glass collection to go round.

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frog_on_a_log said...

i do that too. you're not alone.
find anything good?

Kylie said...

Yes, I think it should look like that too... while you're doin' can you do mine too...? ;) K