Tuesday, August 25


do you have a few things that you always think about?
like strange little facts in life that pop into your head over and over?
well, i do anyway.
one is, if there were a greater force out there that could pause time when ever they wanted then right now, yesterday, tomorrow, whenever we could just be walking through life as if nothing happened even though time might have stood still a thousand years between breaths.
it's a pretty random thing to think about and i have no idea where i got it from but i was reminded of it last night when j forced me to watch dark city (that he insisted was the best movie ever, and totally wasn't).
anyway another random thing that i always find myself thinking about is colour.
i want to know if you see the same colours as me?
how do we know your green is my green?
what if your red was my green but we both knew it's name as green?
i know, i am confusing myself even, but when i saw this on but does it float yesterday it got me thinking again...

"Outside is pure energy and colorless substance, all of the rest happens through the mechanism of our senses. Our eyes see just a small fraction of the light in the world. It is a trick to make a colored world, which does not exist outside of human beings."


Jetta's Nest said...

Hi Amy

I find the way people perceive colour quite interesting as well. I know that boys see colour differently to girls...something to do with our eyes seeing more on the red spectrum so we might say somethings purple whereas boys would think it's blue.

Interesting, huh!


Kylie said...

I agree - I've actually argued with my partner over the colour of a shirt that he insisted was blue but had way too much red in it to be! I think about strange things like this too... personally, I blame Matrix!!! Now there's a fabulous movie trilogy!! :) K