Monday, August 24

new house.

wow, that was a big weekend.
i managed to do nothing i planned and lot's of things i didn't.
this is not always bad i suppose.
we are finally unpacked, mostly (let's not look under the house okay).
so i'm finally getting on top of things, slowly.
here are some pics of my favourite things in our new house.

the beautiful backyard!

the living room ceiling.

the downstairs toilet door.

the view from the front path - pleasantly opposite from our old house on a very loud main road.

the lavender bush.

the fresh white space.

the perfect spot for my yellow flowers.

the beading on my bedroom ceiling.

the afternoon shadows.

my lovely cast iron hare door stop.

prime position for my favourites (the glass jar is going to be a moss filled terrarium, eventually).

the perfect spot for my love audrey.

a duck tin, filled with duck coasters :)

my new clock.

the beginnings of my new studio.

ahhhhh, sweet green glass.

no idea where i'm going to put my new tea towel yet, but i love it.

my ten dollar drawings, waiting to be framed.

beautiful wrapping paper

a very cool wooden post card my friend gave me.

the light behind the window creates the coolest pattern.

studio ceiling.

favourite cups are settling in nicely.

it's a work in progress.

p.s sorry for the photo overload, i am excited :)

1 comment:

Kylie said...

Just beautiful Amy! Isn't it wonderful to find a space where you can think, relax, plan, dream... whatever? It looks so peaceful. Enjoy your new space :) K