Friday, August 7

too much.

i just ticked the last thing off my looooong list of things to do today.
go me.
i was frantically tea pot shopping (for the cafe) for over an hour with no success, only to find j had struck gold at a catering shop in rocklea, 12 tea pots for $46!

so we got the keys to our new place last night and it was possibly the happiest i've ever been!
although we planned to eat thai on the floor (as you do) to celebrate, we ended up eating at the restaurant, sings!
i don't have any pictures this time but i can assure you, it was miiiiiighty tasty (i had the coriander and garlic infused chicken, needless to say, i cleaned the bowl right up.)

plus, we live a ten minute walk from there now - yesssssss.

so the point of this post is....?
firstly to show you these delightful little hair clips i won from katie
, aren't they a treat!?
the tiny stitches are the best :)

and secondly to give a warning in advance about a very possible lack of posts up ahead.
this weekend i am mountain bound, again.
working at the cafe til sunday night then coming home and frantically packing not to mention get two magazines to print at work and ploughing through my pile of freelance stuff.

so, i hope you all have an awesome weekend, see you on the flip side :)

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Kylie said...

Cute clips - congratulations! Good news on the Rocklea haul... it's a good place for bargain finds! There used to be an amazing 2nd hand office furniture place there with the most incredible 60s furniture. Good luck with the weekend ahead and all your jobs :) K