Friday, August 28

ella flyer.

i'm working on a flyer for the cafe at the moment.
it will be for general distribution to places like info desks and tourist centres etc.
it's going to print soon but still not sure i'm happy with it.
what do you think?



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Kylie said...

Don't fret Amy! It's fabulous! Don't forget, this isn't one of your artworks, this is a brochure designed to capture the interest of punters, and it will do that brilliantly! The photographs are fresh and enticing, the colour scheme fits the lush environment... It's a really fabulous job. I bet your mum is super proud of you :) K

p.s. whenever I have to produce work-targeted things, I follow up with a me-creation to satisfy that artistic need for it to be 'more', if you know what I mean?