Tuesday, August 11


so being renters, we're used to painful inspections, hundreds of applicants, unsuccessful applications, and if you do get the place, leaky taps, squeaky doors, long waits for maintenance etc. etc.
certainly the real estate/owners never really care how things go.
so, when we walked into our new house to find this, we died a little (in a good way).

wine, a candle, chocolate, local takeaway menus and a lovely note.

and a little post-it telling us the bin night and who the neighbors are! (sorry about the pic quality, camera phone).

can you imagine it? scoring a beautiful home and lessors that care!?
i'm walking on sunshine.
p.s pretty new house pics coming soon :)


Kylie said...

They are obviously good eggs! Congratulations... this sounds like the beginning of what should be a normal relationship! Isn't it terrible how RARE this is these days??? Thanks for sharing, Amy. I love nice stories like this. K

angela said...

Awww, that is soo sweet! And by Angela too : )

Danielle said...

Awwww - I'm glad I saw this - I have to rent my flat out (won't be able to afford to live in it soon), and I want to be a lovely landlord too! Thanks for sharing Amy!

frog_on_a_log said...

1. sweet!
2. when's the house warming?