Wednesday, April 27


so i got my hair cut on saturday.
what's that i hear?
big deal we all get hair cuts every six weeks like real girls?
well, not me.
i get hair cuts every three years when i can't lift my head due to extreme hair weight.
hot right?
i can't help it, i just don't care about hair and barely dye my regrowth (ew).
so anyway, hair cut = totally big deal.
luckily my friend is a hairdresser and she knows best.
i finally got that shaved patch i've wanted for years, trimmed the rest to jaw line and killed off an inch of blonde regrowth - win!

so, i am now searching for cool dangly earrings.
i never wear drop earrings as they just got lost in my hair, but now i have a nice baldy patch for them to shine in!
speaking of, i'm also finally organising my neck tattoo to be fixed up (carefully not pictured) :)

behold, etsy goodness;

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pannikin said...

Nice 'do! I know what you mean about the whole dangly earring thing being lost in longer hair - I had the same problem til half of my hair was cut off.

I love drop earrings but if they brush my neck I freak out as I always think it's a bug. -__-