Thursday, April 7


i often need things pointed out to me and my dear friend did that this morning by letting me in on eat your greens thursday at vinyl.
i love the hi-fi and have attended many a gig there but have somehow managed to never visit the bar attached.
not only does the regular vinyl menu look a treat, but eat your greens thursday includes vegan and vego meals!
i have locked in next thursday and plan on eating/making others eat;
  • sweet potato falafel burger, cos lettuce, skordalia, pickled chilli salsa
  • cauliflower, spaghetti, pine nuts, parmesan
  • bruschetta, smoked mozzarella, cherry tomatoes
  • zucchini fritter, mint yoghurt
  • smashed chat potatoes, chili rosemary salt, vinegar or blue cheese dressing
  • chip butty, aioli, tomato sauce
  • harissa pumpkin pie, chèvre, walnut
  • steamed greens, skordalia
  • miso eggplant, sesame, greens and;
  • blue cheese polenta, leeks, mushrooms

um, yum!!?
the hopes are high, i'm coming for you

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