Monday, April 4

shiny things.

i had an awesome weekend and was oddly productive.
i finally repotted my plants, went to some markets, ate delicious food, partied with my peeps, saw an awesome film, bought an awesome piece of art and exercised!
considering i normally spend 50% of my weekend swigging vodka and the other 50% regretting i swigged vodka, this was an epic win.

i walked to the city on sunday and to my delight, found that the suitcase rummage was on!
as there were at least 365,000 people there, i very swiftly strolled through and one thing caught my eye.
there on the ground in an art folder were some original pieces from amy commins.
i quickly snapped one up and carried it carefully home.
it's watercolour and ink and i love it.

last night my friend and i visited our favourite sushi kotobuki and saw never let me go.
it was amazing, and devestating.
beautiful cinematography.

i also found that catherine campbell's etsy store was updated this morning and treated myself to my new favourite print.
her amazingness never ceases to delight me.


Katie Day said...

I love it all. Especially the film and the new artwork. I really want to see that movie.

I found a delectable, original print on etsy the other day, favourited it, then the artist emailed me with a coupon for 30% off. I think I am going to buy it. What do you think?

coco said...

cactus! I love them too.
I am looking for cactus at the moment. Is it easy to grow them? how often do you water them. Can you give me any tips?