Monday, February 1


laneway was just as douchey as i thought it would be (serious scenesters, maximum hair and make-up, minimum clothes etc.) however the brilliance of the music fixed everything.
daniel johnston was intense, and amazing.
i stood in the front row the whole time thinking "i can't believe he is standing in front of me".
it was totally surreal.

miss blasko was lovely, as could be expected.
she wore a pretty dress and did a pretty dance.
i let my inner girl rejoice.

florence was another story.
it. was. amazing. brilliant. stupendous!
she had wings, and firey hair and glitter to the max.
there was a harp, there was dancing, there was screaming, there was thousands of people basking in her glory!
sadly none of my pics turned out as my phone could not handle the light show, but the memory in my mind lives on :)
here's a borrowed live pic, to feast your eyes on.

p.s check out my sweet new shirt.

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