Tuesday, February 2

february 14.

yep, next weekend is schmalentines day.
a day to buy flowers, and chocolate, and jewellery and fancy wine and cds and clothes and shoes and hotel rooms and limos and dinner reservations... oh and to celebrate that love stuff.
i prefer to celebrate love on one of the other 364 days a year, just to live on the edge.

but, with the aforementioned day, comes some fun things so that's a plus.
found this flyer at my favourite antiques centre the other day, it looks like awesometown!

burlesque, dancing, music and cupcakes!
yes please.
1.30 til 5pm works well too, leaving time for me to get to the powerhouse for a moonlight screening of new york i love you.
i loved paris je t'aime, so i am very excited about nyily!

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