Friday, November 6

tell me your secrets.

do you live in melbourne?
have you been to melbourne?
if you answered yes to either of these questions you are now obliged to tell me exciting things!
i have been to many wonderful cafe's/bars/shops etc. but i know there are so many more that i haven't!
got any favorites under your sleeve?
any must dos?
know any great bars with great happy hours?
any you-can't-go-to-melbourne-without-visiting-...'s?

if not i suppose i will spend most of my time in my favorite laneway, $3.50 baguettes here i come!

1 comment:

quiethello said...

there are many but one that definitely comes to mind is giraffe cafe! super cute and quaint cafe with a nice quiet relaxing ambience and their prices are very reasonable. i recommend their sesame chicken noodle salad, especially refreshing for the summer :)

here is a link i found on google with some pics-