Wednesday, November 4

200 / justin bryan nelson.

just thought i'd take a moment to say this is my two hundredth post.
two hundred posts in less than six months.
am i insane?
do i have a life?
it seems i have spent a
lot of time rambling away about something on here.
what's even crazier is that people have been reading what i say.
it is a bit weird having this blog and talking away about this and that and not knowing who is reading it.
this is also a good time to say thankyou to
i love posting things i love, to hear that someone else loves them too!
feedback makes me happy :)
kylie is my feedback friend.
i rarely get more then one comment on a post but i can always rely on her to say something and put my mind at ease.
so, loooong story short, thank you kylie for letting me know i'm not talking to myself and happy 200th post to me.

and now for something to wake you up post-ramble, here are some cool illustrations from
justin bryan nelson, they are beautiful.

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