Monday, November 2

friday saturday sunday.

ok, so the weekend was massive.
friday night some friends and i went swimming at the redcliff lagoon which was aaaaawesome.
night swimming is the best.

saturday was the finders keepers markets which was intense.
i knew it would be busy, but it was insane!
i ended up pretty upset/aggrivated due to not being able to move or see much along with being shoved around the place and hardly visiting the stalls/people i intended!
man, aren't markets meant to be friendly and enjoyable?
this was cut throat.
all that aside, i still got some cool things and talked to a few wonderful people.
after the markets, we needed drinks, badly.
we hadn't planned on a pub crawl, but four pubs later we were feeling a lot less stressed :)
another quick visit to the markets later in the afternoon proved more enjoyable and a lot less frantic.
saturday night kind of disappeared in a haze of vodka and bad 90's music (bad in a really good way).

sunday i was fragile.
powerade and a greasy breakfast later, we were op shopping the day away in paddington and woolloongabba resulting in a few pretty new dresses.
frantic house cleaning in the afternoon followed by a trip to the cinema to see the imaginarium of doctor parnassus.
the film was good... but i think i built it up too much in my head so was a tiiiny bit disappointed.
it was sad seeing heath ledger in only half the scenes he was meant to be in.
anyway, a million words later here are some pics from the weekend.

pretty new dress number one.

pretty new dress number two.

pretty new dress number three.

it's got thousands of tiny bows on it :)

pretty new dress number four.
not bad for six dollars!

the beautiful and long pined over states of nature doiley brooch i got from the markets.
it's finally miiiiiiiiine :)

also from finders keepers at the leeloo stall, i got this amazingly awesome hb pencil brooch from local designer/muso sniffle co.

it's the best.

my last purchase from finders keepers, four pretty magnets from little jane street.

a slightly unrelated but necessary pic of the awesome paint by numbers i got for two dollars at the ipswich markets last weekend.

went to check on the garden this morning to be greeted by a lot of sunshine and prettiness so i grabbed my camera and here it is.

finally the cherries turn red!

flower take two.

the lettuce was loving the recent rain.
p.s indeed i do hate weeding, hence the clover take over.

the shallots have flowered.

the beans are happy.

the cucumber is a reeeeeally slow growing plant, but it's getting there.

soon (maybe?) to be cucumber.

a shot of the beans, taking over.

flower take three.

basil and mint have gone slightly crazy.

my once was dead twig has decided to live again!
eventually this will look like a maple but with round leaves, can't wait :)


Kylie said...

What a fabulous haul, Amy! I couldn't get there after all - too many kids commitments and all. Glad to see you had a great time :) K

Mishy Lane said...

Did you see me there?