Monday, September 7


i've taken a fair few photos lately that i was planning to show you.
they're not particularly amazing photos, just lot's of things i love.
prepare yourself.

i didn't take this one, but it's a pic of my new
ella sign :)

last friday i finished work early and raced to the city to have a look at the
cloudy muddy messy mucky crystal clear exhibition.
it was awesome.
these are camera phone pics so they're beyond terrible but you get the idea.
none of the pieces were labeled which was weird, so i have no idea who these pieces were by, but they was amazing!
all done in incredibly fine graphite.

close up.

close up.

these were also cool, by artist
sophie kern.

i loved these pieces by
dylan martorell.

today i got the most wonderful package!
a belated birthday gift from my beautiful
in it was a lovely
belle and boo card and an amaaaaaazing gift.

on the back of the butterfly frame it says
"thank you for choosing this quality hand made product. Your purchase directly benefits environmental conservation by sustaining insect ranching projects in countries as diverse as Mexico and Papua New Guinea."
p.s how amazing is the pattern on their bottom wings?

also in the post today (man was i lucky) was an equally exciting package from the talented penny at
pocket carnival.
not only did i receive my three purses but a lovely little note and a badge too!
i was very happy, and the purses are even sweeter in person!

last week i received a package from fellow brisbanite miss
kitty boo boo.
my beautiful little apple clips had arrived!
only a week old and they've had a few appearances around town :)

finally put my wall sticker up, it's taken me two years to get up the courage (once you put it on, it never comes off, well it does but you can never use it again!). so of course being a renter i've been terrified to put it up on a wall and it was gathering dust but then i got a strike of genius and applied it to my wardrobe :)
it's with me for life... or at least as long as ikea furniture lasts :/

and last but not least, here's a shot of my studio wall, slowly growing with pretty things :)