Tuesday, December 8

etsy, my love.

so as you may or may not know, i am addicted to etsy.
i have passed step one, admitting i have a problem.
i have no plans to get to any other steps, then i would have a lot less pretty things.
anyway i've been super busy lately and have avoided my blog, so here are some nice things etsy has brought into my life over the last few weeks.

i got this (natural coloured) rolling pin brooch and rabbit brooch for a friend from
little sparrows.
i've bought many a pretty things from this store before, they rule.

after a garland explosion in blog land, i needed one.
i decided on this pretty little thing from three girls and a goat.
it looks a treat on my wall, must take a picture some time.

i have been stalking/loving olivia's (aka stay home) work for ever.
i finally decided it was the season to be generous... to myself :)
here's the cute little ornament i bought from her.

here is a shot of it in it's new home, my office wall.
olivia also enclosed a cute little hand drawn note on grid paper, love*

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