Wednesday, May 23

i live.

it's been a long time, but i have a good excuse.
i've moved to melbourne and have spent the last three weeks very busy LIVING.
although i feel guilty for neglecting the blog, it feels great to be offline for a while.
i've been having an amazing time and am livin' the dream.
great new flat, great new friends and beautiful new city.
had the pleasure of working with beci orpin and assisting with her new book.
so unlike the job hunting and scary times i was expecting, i've spent my days crafting, plant shopping, visiting amazing stores, eating amazing food and hanging out in a super cool studio with many inspiring creative people.
am i dreaming?
sometimes i think i am.
here's a snapshot of my last few weeks (via my instagram greygridpaper).

1 comment:

Kylie said...

SO jealous but so happy for you too Amy!
That is a dream! Lovely images and very happy that things are going well for you :) Kx