Tuesday, May 1


i will just start with aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhhhhhhhh!@#$%^&*().
i am kind of freaking out, in a good way (but also a scared way).
you know how i was all "oh i love melbourne" then i was all "oh i'd love to live in melbourne" then i was all "oh my god i'm going to live in melbourne" and now i've moved into phase "oh my god i'm moving to melbourne in three days, what am i doing, why am i doing this, is this the right thing, oh my god oh my god oh my god".
so yes, the blog has been slightly neglected lately (much to my unease) as i've been busy sorting my life into piles, selling things, giving away things, packing things and now saying goodbye to things.
my house is empty, my 'to do' list is finally shrinking and this week i have three farewell lunches and two farewell dinners.
i'm still a little too busy to be sad but by the end of this week i am going to be a mess!
leaving my entire family and 98% of my friends for this little adventure so yes - i'm terrified.
aaaaaaaanyway just thought i'd say hi and that i'm sorry to neglect you grey grid paper and that i hope to be back soon.
by that time i'll be 2000km south of here and probably freezing my butt off.

now please excuse me now while i continue to freak out some more and constantly question my decisions, changing every few minutes from oh my god yay to oh my god eeeek.

p.s that pic is of my cute new quilt cover that waits patiently in it's packet 'til i make my new southern bed :)



angela said...

It's perfectly normal to feel the way you are feeling. All risks are often scary but sometimes you have to take risks to live your life to the fullest.

See you soon!

P.S. (We are currently experiencing gorgeous weather)! Thought that could change in 3 days, it is Melbourne.

Pippa said...

Welcome to Melbourne! :)

Kylie said...

How exciting!! I'm very jealous.. I'd love to move to Melbourne... maybe one day :) Good luck! I hope it all goes well. Kx