Monday, July 18

dal kofta.

it's been a few months since i posted some cooking pics, i've stuck to veganism since my challenge in march.
i've been cooking up a storm but never take photos so there's no evidence.
last night however i just had to document the true greatness of a new dish i tried.
this dal kofta recipe from veggie num num (best recipe blog ever) was a total win.
it took me two hours to make the kofta mix, turn it into balls, bake them, make the curry, make the rice and bake the garlic naan but oh my god it was worth it.
so tasty, but the best part is that no animals were used or killed in the making of this feast :)



Kylie said...

This looks fantastic! I'm wanting to eat vegetarian more and more these days... thanks for the link :) Kx

me. said...

Oh it was fantastic :) I was walking around my flat declaring how masterchef I was!

Cool to hear you're getting into vegodom, it's good for your soul (and wallet, and planet, and animals, and health!) :)

You'll love Veggie Num Num, I've made a few dishes and they're all delicious x