Tuesday, May 3


a gross/awesome pic of my old hair.
the blonde is not mine.

although i no longer blog my food adventures, i have still been cooking up a storm.
this droolworthy shot is of my first attempt at pies and millionth attempt at roast potatoes.
both = winners.

you can't believe it's not meat?
i don't blame you, this nutmeat is freaky... and delicious!

i never liked magic dirt but was surprised to love adalita's new solo album, fairly obsessed.

went to my favourite woolloongabba antiques centre on the weekend and got this amazing dress.

fresh outta the 80's and never worn.
fashion for today means fashion for 1985 but i am rolling with it :)

i also visited my favourite markets and bagged this beauty for my wall.

i also scored some $1 goosebumps books for my niece, so glad she is as obsessed as i was when i was 9!
i even had the movie on videotape.

a tasty home grown treat from jeff's parents.

the greatest crockery set ever.
$9 from my local op and worth every cent (and so much more) for the joy i get each meal.

long weekends are too good, this week is going to hurt.



Jetta's Nest said...

My Nanna and Pappa have that dinners set...still. I ate dinner every night on those plates as a kid :)

me. said...

oh really? you're so lucky! it's so pretty and i especially love the unusual shape of the dinner plate. they don't make 'em like the used to!