Monday, February 28



so, you know how i'm doing the vegan easy challenge for march?
and you know how i said i'd try to take pictures of my meals?
well i thought i'd get an early start to make up for high levels of laziness sure to follow.
there is no way i can think of interesting post titles for all the (high hopes much?) food-related posts so they will be called breakfast, lunch and dinner... excited?
i know you are.
how can you even function without knowing not only what i'm eating but seeing it also?!

sigh, here's today's breakfast.
toasted baguette with fresh rocket and grilled onion/mushroom/tomato/herbs extravaganza.
i utilised my last non-vegan day to have a honey soy tea also, it was happiness.

the goal of sharing pictures of my meals is not just to show you my supreme photography skills (insert sarcasm here) but to make a point of how delicious vegan food can be.
my colleagues and family are constantly asking what do i eat?
that damned rabbit food!
surely i am lacking in important vitamins and minerals!?
how am i even existing without animal products inside me!?!@>!>**>#@
don't i yearn for a fat slab of flesh!?
my insides must be crying, i must be weak and sickly, i could die of malnourishment at any. given. second!
(insert old world thinking here).
so yes, don't push the "rabbit food" button with me :)
behold the deliciousness!

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