Saturday, January 15

i love loving hut.

i just got home from the most amazing lunch ever.
i am so excited that i've found my new favourite place to eat in brisbane!
we've passed 
loving hut a million times on logan road mount gravatt but never get around to going but today we made it happen.
i was so impressed with the space, the staff, the menu, the prices and the reading material available it's ridiculous.

loving hut is the second vegan restaurant i've visited in brisbane and it got 4.8 out of 5 stars on the vegetarian/vegan society of queensland website!

i took some pictures on my phone of our meals but they're terrible lighting and quality so i borrowed some tiny thumbnails off 
loving hut's website.
we got the crescent dumplings (made with bok choy, tofu and mushroom), salt and pepper mushroom (possibly the most amazing thing i've ever eaten... so crispy, so delicious!), black bean stir-fry and tom yum fried rice (um, genius? rice cooked in tom yum soup = double the perfection!)

i am going to take every person i know there, the tastiness must be shared!
so yes, if you live in brisbane i highly recommend a visit.
it's not all asian either, with lasagne, carbonara, cheesecake, nuggets and chips and pumpkin soup on the menu too :)
they do take-away also and have very cool biodegradable cardboard take-away containers.
vegan, vego, meat eater's alike - this place is gold.

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