Thursday, January 13

'74 flood.

the mood is pretty insane here in brisbane at the moment.
i live two suburbs back from the river so i'm pretty close.
saw the street flooding from my bedroom window!
my house is high and dry, i am one of the lucky ones.
most of my friends are without power and some were evacuated from their flooded suburbs.
we walked down to the river yesterday afternoon and i was speechless.
not only were there massive trees/un-manned boats and debris everywhere but the sheer speed they were travelling at was insane!
the river was dark, swollen and so so fast, sucking everything along with it.

unable to peel myself off news websites and blogs, i found these awesome pictures of the 1974 brisbane floods, can't you just feel the australiana seeping through the pics?
the men saving a raft of beer is my favourite.

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