Thursday, October 14


ok, so this is a little heavy.
if you have already seen the film earthlings, go you.
i however am terrified to see it but know that it has to be done.
the day my partner watched this was the last day he ever ate an animal product.
just like that... film + ninety minutes of your time = new outlook on life.
he told me all about it and i almost cried just listening.

it's about speciesism and basically spends the duration of the film opening your eyes to all things bad in the world.
in the interview shaun says "if you contribute to this, you need to watch it. the animals have to feel it, all you have to do is spend ninety minutes seeing it with your eyes".

as a meat eater, i know i owe it to the animals of the world to watch this.
will you see it too?
it's not going to be easy, in fact it's going to be horrible, but i really believe it's important to see it.
it's showing as a charity screening at the tribal theater (old dendy on george street) on wednesday october twentieth.

i have a feeling the next six days will be my last ever meaty ones.
so yeah, i'll let these this clips do the talking.
warning - extremely soul destroying footage. if you eat animals and intend on keeping it that way, probably don't watch these.


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