Thursday, March 4

etsy buys.

yep, i love etsy.
it makes me happy.
here's some things it has recently brought into my life.

these beautiful green geometric post earrings from
little sparrows.

also from little sparrows, i am getting this steamboat pendant made into a brooch :)

i've been a bit obsessed with rocks/crystals/minerals etc. these days and seeing as how i have a lovely long silver chain i thought i might dress it up a bit.
first i got these jump ring connectors from

then i got these beautiful agate slices from
alicediy (for so so cheap!)
i'm doing a diy
stone and honey sort of thing, if i can't afford the original, i'll make my own (for about three eightieths of the cost, seriously!)

and these beautiful smokey quartz sticks (three for one dollar!) from

i can't wait to get my beautiful packages and get jewellery making.

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