Friday, January 29

happy new year.

i'm back.
it's taken me a long time to return to blogland, there was too much fun to be had.
a month of holidays, family, friends, sunshine, swimming, parties, bbq's and so very many amazing gigs.
patrick wolf, lamb (which totally blew my mind), mastodon and them crooked vultures to name a few.
today i'm going to laneway to see florence and the machine and daniel johnston, excitement!
so yes, weeks away from the computer has left me happy and slightly tanned (ew) and my blog slightly empty.

so, to put an end to that, here is something beautiful i have found.
stone & honey jewellery makes me tingle with happiness.
i've decided i need everything in the store and have spent days staring at the images saved to my desktop... dreaming...

1 comment:

Mishy Lane said...

welcome back! i missed you!

hey guess where I am living now? Yep! Melbourne ;D