Monday, October 19

two days in paradise.

my weekend was amazing.
not to bore you with all the details, it can pretty much be summed up as road trip, sunshine, bright blue beaches, somehow no sunburn!, pizza, wine, night swims in the heated hotel pool, markets, bush walks, rainforests, visiting childhood homes and general well being.
something i must do more often.
now i'm back at my desk, avoiding the in-tray and wishing i was back on the sand.

this was in the front of a restaurant in eumundi, i thought it was brilliant (click pics to enlarge)

and the menu beside it was equally funny.

no caption necessary.

noosa heads, how i miss you.

random shot of my lovely bow pin.

beautiful mapleton.

we decided this stretch of road was canada.
*insert hours of beaver/grizzley bear nonsense*

back in brisbane by sunset, i love this city.

of course as soon as i got home i went straight out to the veggie patch to check everything was ok, and was greeted by our first tiny harvest of beans and a single red cherry tomato.
the rest will be ready to pick by the end of the week :)

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