Monday, October 19

pretty things.

so there's an op shop about fifty meters from my work, this is both awesome and troublesome.
i tend to escape there a fair bit, so much so that my boss knows to find me there if i'm on a "long" lunch.
luckily he thinks it's funny how i like buying little old lady things and leaves me on my way.
anyway feeling the overwhelming urge to go there instead of working this morning proved to be fate!
i found these lovlies.

a navy blue dress with white polka dots and waist belt for $6.

i love dresses with buttons on the back.

a little piece of lace is sewn in to the front.

this delightful glass vase was only fifty cents and will look a treat with a few small flowers on my desk.

i love you salvos.

1 comment:

SirNedrich said...

Brilliant finds! That vase is so bulbous... I love it! :D