Tuesday, July 31


i've been in melbourne for three months now!
time is moving both quickly and slowly at the same time.
i miss my friends back in brisbane but i am loving my new city.
i'm still searching for full time design work but until that comes, i'm having fun working part time and relaxing/exploring/creating.
i've finally gone back to the gym and after yoga this morning found myself feeling nice and zen, like i'm slowly finding my feet again.

anyway the posts have been slow around here as there's too much food to eat (read: gym to visit), sights to see and life to soak up.
thought i'd share a logo i just finished for a friend, nice and simple and me.



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Kylie Hunt said...

I love it! simple, yes, but very effective - it caught my eye immediately when I was scrolling down :) Great work Amy. Good luck with the job hunt! Kx