Wednesday, March 28

Cauliflower and caramalised onion tart.

*Stolen from my other blog - Vegawesome!

Wow you guys, epic recipe win!!
I've had this tart recipe on my 'to cook' list for about a year.
The tofu and nutritional yeast had put me off - I was a bit less into that stuff then.
I was mostly into fresh produce and legumes in the beginning.
A year into veganism and I'm feeling a bit more love for cooking experiments.
So, last night - it was time.
It may have taken two hours to make (am sure it will be faster next time when I'm not obsessively re-reading the recipe) but, absolutely worth it.
Not only was the tart DELICIOUS but it will make a fine lunch today and also won me many love points from the (incredibly spoilt) resident boy :)
PUT THIS TART IN YOU, seriously.

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