Wednesday, February 22

hire me?

ok, big news.
i am finally doing it, i'm moving to melbourne!
it's been four years since my first visit and i've been down every six months since then.
these visits are no longer enough.
i'm doing something that i've never done in my whole life, taking a risk.
i have a very cosy life here in brisbane.
all my family are here, a huge group of amazing friends, a cute apartment, a well-paying full time design job and the list goes on.
in ten weeks i am moving down alone, with a car full of stuff and staying with a friend until i can secure a share house room.
then there's that whole issue of income.
this is my problem.
i am kind of FREAKING OUT about not having a job to fall into.
cue - leap of faith.

so, although i would love a design job i am being realistic and am aware of the fact that i'll probably end up doing anything i can to pay the bills.
so, i pretty rarely use this blog to communicate so personally, but it's worth a shot right?
if you are in melbourne and have a job/know of a job that will be available in ten weeks (or now really), hire me?
i can do design stuff, make totally awesome vegan treats, run errands, make lists, clean things, make coffee... sing and dance?
oh and i also need somewhere to live so all vacant share rooms, send my way!

cool, now i can say that i tried :)

p.s the strange picture is of me on australia day, post-hottest 100.
it pretty much sums up how happy i am about this move.



angela said...

Congratulations!! What an exciting move. I did exactly the same thing 16 years ago, packed my bags in Brisbane got on a Greyhound bus with one way ticket and took that leap of faith.

You know what, you will breeze it. I can recommend my old freelance agency Creative Contact. Google them, Kim is lovely pop in and see her with your folio and be open to take some finished art jobs while you land your perfect design job if need be.

For rooms don't forget to look at the Readings bookshop window in Carlton, I'll keep my ear to the ground for any share houses.

It's exciting and overwhelming all at the same time, I feel so excited for you as I know my own personal growth and creativity blossomed when I arrived in a beautiful city.

Let's do coffee!

P.S. (I never thought in my wildest dream I'd snitch a Melbourne boy and have a Melbourne baby... life is an adventure) : )

Jodie said...

Way to go! we will be doing the same thing soon enough. We are equally as excited as we are freaking out. I think the freaking out part is the best part, its like jumping into cold water, you're at the edge.... just have to jump in now.

You're a talented designer/blogger/browser.... you'll find something.

AND what a perfect time to do it! Alone. no kids, no partner to weigh you down, no mortgage and youth on your side. I'll stay posted and wish you the best!