Tuesday, January 3

happy new year.

so i may have taken off with no goodbye, sorry about that!
my last two weeks of work last year were stupidly hectic then all of the sudden it was christmas and i made a huge effort to stay off the internet and try to soak up the real world.
of course this killed me, not doing my daily blog stalks and posting my pretty finds here.
anyway this year is full of big plans and expectations!
2011 was okay, i finally got my license and a car.
i also got to my first weight goal, a 30kg loss!
so, productive - but boring.
this is the year my friends, i am ready for it.
it's time for adventure and change and excitement.
time waits for no man!

this is my first find of the year, something i have been looking high and low for.
a lovely planner! (found via miss moss)
i will need one to organise all these grand ideas of course.
i spent weeks stalking horrible shopping centers for one that wasn't a hideous black leather blob but no win for me.
today i found the one and i am saying hello again to etsy, i have missed you.


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