Tuesday, October 25


my friends and i started a new blog.
it's called vegawesome! and is all about vegan food finds and cruelty-free products.

it all started over talks about how many secret vegan things there are.
random stuff you would never think - like iced finger buns, nesquik and cottee's topping!
there are also cruelty-free products that aren't on the eco/green/boutique trend like radox body wash and face of australia make-up.
all my vegan friends and i were finding and sharing all these great non-typical finds.
so, the blog was born, i made a cute banner and we're off!
it will be updated when ever new things are found or great recipes need to be shared.

take a look and please comment or email if you have any secret vegan/cruelty-free finds so we can share it with all :)