Monday, August 1


shopping trips take a bit more time now i only buy cruelty-free products but it's worth it.
shampoo, conditioner, body wash, make-up, household cleaners are all pretty easy to find eco friendly and crulty-free but turns out soap is another story.
i searched the labels of every single hand soap and only found one brand that wasn't tested on animals - ecostore.

it was a bit more expensive but i was going to buy it anyway, tortured bunnies are the last thing i need on my consience.
anyway, bonus that it was vanilla and coconut scented, my favourite!
it turned out to be a winner and i've been able to find it at most stores since.
i went to stock up supplies earlier today to find a delightful new packaging design *drool*
look at it, isn't it great!?
so readily available, beautifully scented, cruelty-free and now looks awesome too.
ecostore, you're awesome.


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