Sunday, April 10

eucalyptus deglupta.

this is a real tree.
no paintbrushes necessary.
beyond insane.

images googled.


  1. This is so beautiful. I had no idea how colorful eucalyptus trees were.

  2. Thanks for helping me find out what kind of trees there were. I saw rows of them in Puerto Rico and was amazed at the colors.

  3. Woow, those trees are stunning. Like staring at a living art piece. We need more of these trees all over the world. Why is this the first time i've ever heard of this?

  4. I just found out about this tree. Amazing!

  5. Wow!! Where can get this amazing tree from for my garden ??

  6. There's a eucalyptus tree over looking my friend's back garden in north Manchester (UK)... but it looks nothing like these. Is it a particular species of eucalyptus or climate conditions that cause the colours?


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