Friday, September 30


i'll have one of each thank you.


Thursday, September 29

once wed.

i was so excited to find my beautiful lela's wedding featured on once wed this morning!
i posted these pics back in march but the official pictures are just so beautiful.
it really could not have been more perfect and i still feel so lucky to have attended!

Friday, September 23


i would totally wear that bottom outfit!
awesomeness from qooqoo.


Thursday, September 22

slide sideways.

i am one of those people that have millions of green bags, but always forget them.
i keep one or two string bags in my handbag for emergency grocery shops but still, sometimes they're just not in there.
this means i have a pile of plastic shopping bags that are re-used for other stuff.
i discovered that keeping a lettuce in a plastic shopping bag changes it's life from four days to two weeks!

there is a point to this story by the way.
i saw these awesome produce bags on lottie loves this morning and immediately thought "buy buy buy!" then of course the guilt came.
no, i will keep using my ugly grey plastic bags until i learn to stop needing them.
but, you should totally buy some, cause they're awesome.


Wednesday, September 21


good places to live, via the sponge.


Tuesday, September 20

Monday, September 19


i require 1 x each of these miniscapes.
found via the design files, naturally.


Sunday, September 18

Saturday, September 17


nook is now selling stampel plant hangers, this is clearly awesome!


Friday, September 16

Thursday, September 15

Wednesday, September 14

reincarnated constructivism.

pretty pics from a new blog crush :)
i love the pink, black and turquoise theme.